Sunday, December 26, 2010

my Breakout skin


i got skin breakout.
crazy breakout!!
almost 2 weeks. yayy!!
hate it very much.
pimple + itchiness over the face.
i cant find the reason [bcuz de makeup?? naa, i dun think so]

-from google-

gonna postponed all my activity.
no makeup, no bbcream, no foundation,
no whut so ever..
i really missed my skin.,
owh please get well so soon ;(

and oso,
i miss my make up + ing session.
need filming the new video.

do you have any petua??

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1 comment:

  1. pasal mikap tu percayalah
    cuci muka bersih2
    jgn lupa tanggal mekap
    cuba satu minggu mekap-less
    nude face
    nnt dia ok blk

    ni petua mamaku haha
    sebab tu muka aku pandai ada jerawat kejap tda